Naming your child Messi is prohibited by law- Hometown of Lionel Messi has banned parents

The Barca man (Lionel Messi) is one of the greatest footballers ever but according to the civil register in the province, naming your child ‘Messi’ is prohibited by law

The hometown of Lionel Messi has banned parents from naming newborn babies after the Argentine. Continue reading →

Online Shopping For Instant Foods Demand the internet

We live in a very busy world. People are always up and about doing something no matter what time of day it is. Work has become a very big part of our lives and we would often take our work everywhere with us if we could. There seems to be no answer to the question if we work to live or we live to work. To keep up with our busy lifestyle, things are often served to us in a fast way. We can get instant foods, buy at fast food restaurants, and handle different transactions and visit different places at the same time through the marvelous world of the internet. Continue reading →

Comparing Furor caused by Ebola virus, AIDS and Bird flu

No other virus has caused so much panic and apprehension in recent times as the H1N1 virus, better known as the “bird flu“. The furor causes by AIDS and the Ebola virus did cause a sizable ripple in the news media but the H11 virus surpassed that because of the nature of the disease and the fact that it is one of the most contagious disease known to man. The bird flu gets its name from a migratory bird usually found in Asia that was reported to have carried the first instances of the disease. Continue reading →

NYSC 2014 BATCH ‘C’ Online Registration For NYSC Call-up Letter

NYSC 2014 BATCH ‘C’ Online Registration: National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have introduced online registration of NYSC call-up letter for convienence and easy accessibility to both local and foreign Nigerian graduates. This innovation have been made effect with the NYSC 2014 batch ‘C’ service and all the prospective corps member are required to register on time. Continue reading →