APGA Is Not What It Used To Be – Mr Peter Obi Revealed Why He Left APGA

FORMER governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi expressed his disappointment on what is going on in APGA, and finally decided that he cannot contain them any longer,  and that led to his exit as the member of the party.  He reiterated that he is still loyal to our great leader (Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu), in terms of what serves the interests of our people and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Continue reading →

The Basic Cabbage Soup Diet – Fast Weight Loss With Cabbage Soup Diet in 7 Days

The 7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet: It is a nightmare for a lot of people when they think of diet. Losing weight is difficult and more so keeping it off. A lot of pound-challenged people are on the look out for the perfect formula to decrease the unwanted bulges and lumps on their bodies. The cabbage soup diet is a popular option to quickly lose excess weight. This diet is also called Sacred Heart Hospital Diet or the Mayo Clinic Diet. Continue reading →

Great Things About All Women Health Magazines

All women health magazines have something of value to give their readers. For example, you can discover the best face products to use to keep your skin healthy, glowing and youthful looking. Because they have so many writers that can test the different brands, you can learn everything they know without ever having to try the products yourself. As a result, you can save a lot of money by not wasting your money on substandard face washes and lotions. Almost all women health magazines have valuable coupons, too. Clip them and save a ton of money over the course of a year! Continue reading →

Roles of Physical Activity and Exercise in Maintaining Mental Health Condition

Importance of Physical Activity and Exercise: Exercise and physical activity play a crucial role in both maintaining one’s mental health condition and in recovering from a mental illness. Breaking research indicates that exercise actually produces a chemical that stimulates the growth of brain cells, thus allowing for recovery from sever substance abuse disorders. Furthermore, physical activity and mental health recovery coincide in fostering a social network and encouraging self-reflection, both of which are crucial on the path to mental health recovery. Continue reading →

How to Get Good Computer System From Wholesale Computer Parts Dealer

Have you noticed that most branded computers today have become very expensive? If you have, then you probably have been shopping in the market for a new computer system. You might be confused why they’re so expensive when prices have fallen in certain sectors that contribute to the making of computers. For example, the prices of memory have hit an all time low. This is because of the enhancements in manufacturing volumes of memory manufacturers. Continue reading →

Four Nigerian Billionaire Women Who Own Private Jets

Four Nigerian billionaire women who own private jets: There are more private jet owners in Nigeria than any other country in Africa. There are about 177 private jets in Nigeria currently, with Dangote and Oyedepo owning the highest number…four each. Out of the 177 Private Jets in Nigeria, four of them are owned by women. According to unconfirmed reports, these are the four women who own private jets in NigeriaContinue reading →

Forbes 2014 List of Richest Hip Hop Artist in The World

2014 List of Richest Hip Hop Artist: Forbes released their annual List of Richest Hip Hop Artist in the world today and of course, Dr Dre led in the List of Richest Hip Hop Artist with a whooping $620 million from June 2013 to June 2014, followed by Jay Z with $600 million and P. Diddy ($60 million), both having equal financial worth (Amazing). Apple bought his Beats by Dre for $3billion so… See the top ten list of Highest Paid Hip Hop Artist below… Continue reading →